New Outtakes of Emma Watson, Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman for Nylon

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I am very much in love with no one in particular.

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Ezra Miller on Flag for the Future: trek to the North Pole to lower a flag 4km to the seabed [x]

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Do you feel weird?

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Ezra Miller, Autumn Dewilde for Paper Magazine

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“She is brilliant, not only as a person but as an actress and artist. I think the world is in for a series of serious surprises when these next projects of hers come out, because she truly is an inspired and inspiring human being.”- Ezra on Emma

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I don’t follow trends, but I try to create one that fits me perfectly and expresses the essence of who I am.

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So there are a lot of mix tapes in the film (The perks of being a wallflower). What would you put on a mix tape?

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“You can’t wonder what other people are thinking about you or saying about you it will drive you completely insane.”

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